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Speech and Language Therapy



This is delivered in 3 sessions a week which are 45 minute-1 hour lessons. The programme delivered includes: developing pupils’ understanding and use of language skills, developing pragmatic language abilities, developing functional language skills and supporting the pupil’s ability to access the National Curriculum. There is also a considerable focus on social skills, enabling the pupils to develop their friendships and to learn to interact appropriately with each other.


Our Speech & Language therapists provide advice and assistance to teaching staff and provide therapy, advice and assistance to pupils on a needs-led basis. Speech and Language therapists and teachers plan together to provide a curriculum whereby the academic demands are supported and reinforced by the Speech and Language therapy team. This helps generalise these skills into different contexts and reinforce key vocabulary.


Individual Speech & Language Therapy

In addition to the group provision, some pupils may receive individual/paired speech and language therapy according to their needs.


Group Reward System

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 the group have a star chart which works effectively to promote and reward learning.


Individual Targets

Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 the pupils work on targets, usually linked with their IEPs to help build and support key life skills.

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