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The Curly Hair Project

What is the CHP?

“I love the curly hair project. It’s helped me understand what ASD means far more than any other source.”

ASD causes difficulty ‘reading’ others and understanding social interaction. Most work so far is on the male presentation – the different challenges for females are just starting to be explored.

The curly hair project (CHP) is a social enterprise with worldwide appeal dedicated to supporting females with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and other autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Here is a brief overview of the CHP business model.

Autism is a spectrum condition which means symptoms are on a continuum of severity, ranging from mild to severe. Since the spectrum is so diverse, Alis will not speak for everybody and she is not going to be an advocate for people with all forms of autism. She does however, speak from her own experiences having Asperger’s Syndrome and hopes many girls and women will relate to at least some of them.

Alis is not an academic in the subject. CHP work is about autism as it is lived, not what it means clinically.

The curly hair project is not just a set of books. It is a collection of writings, pictures and a community, working harmoniously to “tell the tale of an outsider trying to fit into a world and learning what it is to be human…and having the world learn about her.”

A number of staff at Blossom House have been to Alis' talks and they highly recommend them. They are in Surbiton. Please follow the links below for more information or go to their website for tonnes of useful resources.

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